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Welcome to the Nevada School Climate Staff Survey

This staff survey is a companion survey to the NV-SCSEL Student Survey that’s been administered since 2015. The same research organization, American Institutes for Research (AIR), is administering the staff survey on behalf of the Nevada Department of Education.

The survey asks questions about school staff members’ perceptions of the school environment and relationships. All school staff (instructional or noninstructional) are invited to take the survey.

This is an opportunity for you to share your voice anonymously. Your responses are important to help us understand the school environment and how staff feel at their schools. This is not a test. There are no wrong answers.

To begin the survey, please enter your school email address in the login box above.

How long will the survey take?

There are 47 core questions and 38 optional questions. It will take about 9 minutes to answer the core questions and 7 minutes to answer the optional questions for a total of 16 minutes for each school campus that you select.

Why do I have to enter my school email address? Isn’t this survey anonymous?

Your school email address is used to verify that you work within one of Nevada's school districts or charter schools. It is also used to populate the list of schools you will be selecting from in the survey and to help us make sure your responses are captured for the correct school, district, or charter academy when we report the results of the survey.

The survey does not store your email address and does not tie your email address to your survey responses. As soon as you login to the survey, a unique survey ID is assigned to your survey session.

What if I work for more than one school?

The survey will ask you which school(s) you currently serve. You may select more than one school and answer the survey questions for more than one school. The survey will prompt you and let you know which school(s) you are answering questions for.

What if I work for more than one school district or charter academy?

If you work for more than one school district or charter academy, please start a new survey session for each school district or charter academy that you currently serve using the email address from that school district or charter academy.